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What are they doing here?

The question should no longer be, Is there someone or something here? It should be obvious by now that there is something strange going on. The images on these films from wherever they came are real in their own rite, whether that be here on earth or traveling through space-time possibly from other dimensions, maybe just to observe or maybe to guide humanity. Messages left along the way such as carvings into cave walls in the Middle East or South America, or exceptional physical and mental feats accomplished by humans seemingly before their time have never been fully understood. Humanity only started to advance a few hundred years ago. This has been discussed and theorized by intelligent people around the world who have been trying to come up with one common understandable explanation.  

The question now should be, What are they doing here? From observing the films and photographs taken in Florida and Chicago, it appears that they are watching us, guiding us, teaching us, Maybe!

On the Chicago photographs it can clearly be seen that space suit images are being created by the hundreds from what appears to be several Alien entities. These same Alien space suit images were captured on the Florida films on several different occasions. What are the chances of capturing the same images three years and hundreds of miles apart.

Another item that caught my attention was that the entities apparently have to be in some sort of suit, whether that be for protection or transportation. It makes them appear vulnerable, not Godly. We can assume that the entities are not composed of matter, or they are doing a great job hiding or disguising their real physical appearance. Another item I noticed was the geometric detail that is shown in what I refer to as surveillance probes. They truly appear to have definite geometric shapes and resemble a mechanical design. 

With this having been said, we have always suspected that we are not alone, but now since we have current additional  information, it supports what many of us have always suspected.

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