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The Space Serpent

The main configuration that entities are mostly associated with and seem to travel in around the earths surface appear to be orbs. Large orbs appear as UFOs and smaller ones appear with the Alien space suits (Floaters). The orbs appear to be energy or an energy source, or both. On the first Florida films, a small golf ball size orb almost always preceded the appearance of the space suit image. These space suit type images appeared to provide either protection for the entities or a means to travel.

The second type of suit appeared three years after the first. It resembled a cylinder about 3 feet long and 1 foot in diameter. This type of suit separated at the helmet and an entity was filmed leaving the suit. This entity was accompanied by, or part of an orb. The question has been asked, "Could the entity be in the form of an orb while inside the suit and change it's appearance as it comes out ?" I guess that could be the case, although there is no direct evidence of that on film. 

In the Netherlands, Mica has been taking pictures of orbs for the past 4 to 5 years and has captured pictures of orbs in the night sky.  What is interesting is the fact that these orbs were not visible to her but only showed up when reviewed on the digital camera. On the 19th of August 2010, Mica was taking pictures when she noticed an object that was quite different from the conventional orb. She continued to take pictures blindly one after the other, not being able to see what she was taking pictures of, but with hope of getting additional images. This continued for 22 minutes taking approximately 90 pictures. 

What resulted is what she came to refer to as a Space Serpent. The name is based on some pictures she came across when searching for similar looking phenomena on the Internet, which showed a ‘creature’ very much resembling what she had captured on film and which had been given the name ‘space serpent’ (or ‘space jelly’).”

  1. The image at the top right is the Alien space suit taken in Florida.
  2. The image in the center is the Space Serpent taken in the Netherlands. The image appeared to change color.
  3. The image at the bottom is another picture of the Space Serpent.

Additional images are shown below.



Notice the image on the left appears to be ejecting something into the atmosphere. It appears to be energy pulses coming from the Space Serpent. Could the energy being release be related to orbs?

To read the complete story, get additional information or view the photo slide show of the Space Serpent, please link to the following web site.