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Books and DVD descriptions and sales links


Gods of Religions

Gods of Religions provides a plausible explanation for the many unexplained mysteries  such as God, angels, devils, ufo's, ghosts, and alien entities that have been with us throughout history. There had to be a reason why the explanation of what is going on has always stopped with the instructions,  have faith. 

This book takes the next step, goes beyond conclusions in the Bible and utilizes numerous photographs along with scientific theory to actually deternime the rest of the story. You will be given a theory that explains the mystery of life and death. It will explain what the supernatural beings are and how they integrate with humanity, what they have in common and how they can live together for eternity with God.

I'm sure you will find this book to be interesting, factual and informative. It may even entice you to expand and re-evaluate  your present beliefs concerning the purpose of life and death.

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Reality of the Soul is a fictional mystery novel inspired by events and photographs described in The Alien Connection, a true story by Gregory Harold.

Reality of The Soul

It is a science fiction novel filled with suspense, drama, excitement and intrigue. The back drop of the story follows the journey of a flawed soul through the trials and tribulations of the human experiance as it deviates from its assigned spiritual mission within the body of a suspected sociopath. The journey begins in the small resort town of Sun Bay located in southeast Florida on the shores of the Atlantic ocean. The apparent rape and murder of middle aged attractive women in their homes during the night leads police to believe a serial killer may be responsible.

A young investigative reporter, Arlene Dennison is covering the story and during her investigation meets Barbara Garrett who at the time was running for a seat on the town council. They become friends and Barbara tells Arlene of a neighbor, Donald Hastings who is sexually harassing her and who she believes is vandalizing their property.

Barbara's husband Scott set up a surveillance camera overlooking the back yard of their home to identify the person responsible. The camera discovers the existence of an invisible entity that violates the privacy of their home and frightens them to the point of wanting to leave. Another unexpected discovery on film leads to an unbelievable emotional experience for those involved that dramatically changes the way they think about life on earth and the hereafter.

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 The  Alien Connection - No longer available

The original version of the book is no longer available due to the publisher going out of business. 

The 2nd. Edition of the Alien Connection will be available soon and has been modified and updated to include the latest information

You have seen a sampling of the hundreds of bizarre images captured on film, now it is time to take the extra step to attempt to understand what they actually represent. For some reason unknown to me, this was a documentary in the making. These images poured into the camera over a six year period. The Alien Connection is a true story that is told from beginning to end. It explains the reason pictures were taken, the personal human experience that in itself was bizarre, and finally the realization that the photographs were very real. This is one book you will never be able to forget. 

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 Harold's Mystery DVD

Harold's Mystery DVD is based on the true story of the Alien Connection by Gregory Harold. The DVD tells the complete story but with less detail than the book. This version adds realistic emotion by exposing you to numerous films clips of the entities taken from the original super eight film. The story is completely narrated and goes one step beyond the scope of the book. It begins the search to identify just how these images may have played a role in defining our past and how they may be redefining our future. This is explained in the DVD with a special message form the author, Gregory Harold.  



  Ancient Aliens Uncloaked




  A Tale Of Two Worlds

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  The Alien Connection 2nd Edition

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